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Clients Share

"A great tool to have"

Tranquil Acres Guest House

Had a great opportunity to participate in the first Trans Atlantic Horse Path on-line workshop this past week with 18 other Canadians. It was a great experience and highly recommend it to all professionals. The Therapeutic Cards are a great tool to have in our facilitators tool box!.

"The best tool I've used in 10 years"

Toni Mattson

Co-Owner & Dir. Of Programs


Trinity Equestrian Center

I wanted to thank you again for your fore-sight and innovation in the creation of your Horse Cards. They are, as I mentioned in our presentation at the 2018 EAGALA International Conference, the best tool I’ve used in 10 years of doing Equine Assisted Therapy.
I value this tool on two fronts; as a Business & Program Developer/Consultant for Equine Centers across the country AND as the owner and Program Director of our 16-year-old non-profit organization with 4 treatment teams always looking for creative and new approaches to the process. My teams and our business clients love them and use them routinely.
They are a unique and inviting way of assessing what our client is thinking, feeling, seeing, planning, wanting, not wanting (the list goes on) at any given moment in their therapeutic journey. They’re like a personal emotional barometer and are invaluable!!! Anything that helps our clients more readily and honestly reveal their most protected thoughts, feelings and emotions is a great benefit in our book. We use them as an ice-breaker, a way to assess the progress of our client’s treatment goals and to “bring the horses inside” on a rainy or sub-zero day.
If that wasn’t enough, this year you added the deck of questions!!! Love them!! That helps even a good ‘ole seasoned ES like me to help encourage clarification and positive movement.
You are amazing team with an extraordinary product! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!

"The clients have the control"

Lynn Thomas

CEO, Eagala

What is also really neat about this is the client's have the control - they click on everything and choose what they want to do - I think it could be fun, too!

"The participants LOVED the activity"


I wanted you to know that the participants LOVED the activity with the cards. 


I gave them a two-part instruction:

1. Pick a card that would pick you (I loved that suggestion from your pack!)

2. Pick another card that communicates what it feels like to be you when you are angry.


There was a lot of productive discussion and many were amazed about the card that chose them!

Thank you so much for this!

"Endless therapeutic possibilities"

Rachel Adler

Animal assisted therapist

I have used the cards in various therapeutic sessions with different types of therapeutic populations in both group sessions and private sessions with inmates, at risk adolescents, children and adults.

Always found them effective and fun to work with. Allows a lot of creativity and endless therapeutic possibilities.

"One of the most powerful breakout sessions"


Horse specialist

So I wanted to share, that this was probably one of the most powerful breakout sessions I was in. I bought the pro kit and think it is AMAZING!

"They were a hit"

Eagala member

Used my cards for the first time in my school groups at the school. They were a hit and everyone was able to show everyone in the groups what picture looked like them and their worries. I also use little animals to tell about ourselves. I of course chose the 🦓 .

"I use these cards all  the time"


Horse specialist

I use these cards all the time. They're really fantastic. in fact I need to order another box because a few clients happened to walk with them! LOL

"Love these cards"


Equine Empowerment by Pure Empowerment Psychology

Love these cards and use them at mist session. 

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