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  • Is there a supervisiong service available for your products in case I'm having difficulties implemting them in my work?
    Yes! You can have supervision with one of the cards developer. please contact us on the website.
  • Who can I work with using your cards?
    Everybody! The cards are suitable to work with adults, children, couples, families, oragnization teams, veterans, groups, etc.
  • Do I need a special training to use the cards?
    The cards are a therapeutic tool and is relevant for proffesionals int the terapeutic/coaching/educators/counselors and so on. We hold occasional webinars and offer our boolket for those who want to learn more.
  • How are your cards different from other therapeutic cards?
    Our cards brings horses and nature as directly as possible into the room. They were not photoshoped and have no words on them to support working with nature as much as you can, in the clinic.
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