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Bringing Nature To The Virtual Therapeutic Space

Incorporating The Horse Path Therapeutic Card in virtual sessions enriches and deepens the therapeutic process.

The virtual platform of the Horse Path therapeutic Cards contains 4 different sets of cards, a set of 85 cards featuring pictures of wild horses and three sets of PRO KIT (statements cards) for family therapy, Post trauma therapy and organization development process.


After purchasing a subscription share a link with your client and a one-time password to access the virtual cards.   

Your client can now actively pick one or more cards.

The virtual framework was designed to be as similar as possible to a real life, face to face session, with a table and cards.

Choose your plan
  • Best Value

    Annual $6.99

    Every year
    A Fee for 12 month subscription will be charged once a year.
    • Online version of the Horsepath Therapeutic Cards
  • Monthly $9.99

    Every month
    Single month subscription fee will be charged once a month.
     7 day free trial
    • Online version of the Horsepath Therapeutic Cards