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Are you ready to let your clients lead the therapeutic process?

If you are a mental health professional that believes in the assumption that the clients know lots about themselves and usually have the strength to find their own solutions for their situation…

If you believe your clients should be proactive through the sessions, take the lead and be committed…

Then this tool is meant for you!

Using the Pro-kits cards during session helps your clients be active and lead their journey.

The Pro-kits cards can be used by professionals in family therapy, organizational teamwork and trauma related therapy.

The idea of using the pro-kits is based on the understanding that commitment and engagement of clients to the therapeutic treatment is key to successful therapeutic processes. Using the pro-kits’ statements cards will put your clients in the center of the process and give them the power of leading their journey.

The clients will choose the topic on which they would like to work and bring up in the session.

It will transfer the setting of therapeutic process from setting where professional of mental health practitioners are asking the questions and leading the conversation, into a setting where the clients choose the topics they would like to talk about. In this setting the clients are more proactive and in a leading position.

We believe that putting the clients in the center of the process and giving them the lead is a very important step of empowering the clients and building their self-esteem.

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