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Deal your own cards - Covid-related depression

There is something inspiring and empowering when using therapeutic cards for therapeutic processes with depressed clients.

Sue, a 32 y.o. mom/social worker spent the greater half of her first 3 sessions sharing her feelings of misery, fatigue, chalenges doing day-to-day chores etc. She was clearly in distress and signs of depression were evident.

For our 4th session I suggested working with the cards. I asked Sue to pick as many cards as she wanted, and to describe her life before the pandemic started.

Sue began to tell us, throguh the cards, about enjoying her motherhood, enjoying tranquillity with her friends, and intimacy in her relationship with her partner.

The conversation evolved around friendship and intimacy: "Today it's not like that anymore, I feel this COVID thing, delt me other cards".

A long silence was present in the room.

A few moments before the session ended Sue 'woke up' from her silence and asked to take a picture of the cards, adding: "I'm going to deal my own cards again".

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