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Using horse cards for trauma therapy

People often ask us if The Horsepath Therapeutic Cards are suitible for people with no background with horses.

Well... actually... The answer is – yes!

Like us, horses are social beings. Horses lead a full social life that includes love, hate, conflicts, friendship, leaders and followers, loners and groups. Regardless of the past experience the client has with horses, these characteristics provoke a vast range of associations, memories, feelings and reactions in the client. As opposed to addressing the client's human interactions directly, talking about photos of horses' pack life is in a safe distance from everyday reality. The interactions that appear in the photos supply a 'potential space' for role playing, projection, transference and restoring past experiences. This allows for emotional contents such as aggression, sexual issues, sickness, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness and rejection to surface and be processed.

A safe space for treating trauma. As we all know, when working with trauma, the client needs a safe space to work in to move in and out of to preserve their sense of emotional safety. From an object relation theory perspective, the presence of animals as additional objects in the room allows new opportunities to process various objects drawn from the client's representation world. In this case, the animal serves as a bridge between clients and their feelings and experiences while playing the role of a different object in a role reversal. Thus, anyone can benefit from using The Horsepath Therapeutic Cards.

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