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FAQ clients ask about therapeutic cards

So we had some free time and we decided to put together some questions that proffesionals that use the cards asked us over the time:

  • What benefits can I get from using the cards?

The cards are a great projective tool to add to your clinic. They allow the clients to talk metaphorically about themselves and their inner world more freely and in a safe setting - distancing their thougts and feelings away to the horses allows them to elaborate and to go deeper than when talking 'straight forward' about themselves.

  • Why horses?

In the last few years, following the negative impact of technological developments on social processes, many researches are concerned about the decline in human-nature connection. Bringing the open, live space of horses' wild life into the room encourages the clients to connect to the body-mind connection. Creating new forces within themselves.

  • What should I do if the clients doesn't want to use the cards?

It's a great opportuinty to deepen and learn about your client! A great opportunity to open a disscusion with you client and learn more about their way of thinking, feelings that were evoked, patterns that might emerged and so on.

REMEMBER! Using the cards is a tool, not the goal! It's a tool to talk about the clients' inner world so 'not using the cards' can also open new channels of communications!

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