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Coaching for job searching, COVID-19

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Joe, a 40yo analyst was let go 4 months ago from the company he worked for the last few years. After job hunting for the past few monthes he contacted one of our coachers and asked for an online focused coaching to help him find his next job.

At the begining of the session, the coacher asked Joe to choose cards that he finds engaging. Joe went throguh the cards on the screen time and time again, not being able to pick a card.

When the coacher asked Joe to share 'what's going on' Joe said: "I can't find the right one! It's the same as in the jobs' websites - There are so many options I can't seem to find one that is best suited to me!"

As the session went on, Joe's anxiety towards picking a job and finding 'the right one' became apparent and the coacher asked him to stop looking for a job!

They had an intensive 2 weeks of sessions, taking the opportunity to help Joe figure out what he is looking for in his job and career for the next chapter in his life. Look at that! sometimes *not* picking a card can help you as a coacher understand what is going on with your client and what startegy you want to apply. BTW - Joe is interviewing for a job next week, wish him luck! :)

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