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How to use the Online Cards to market your arena therapeutic work

Many of us find it difficult to explain to people the advantages of incorporating horses in therapeutic settings. People who are not familiar with this line of work are often puzzeled by the idea of working with horses: they know about therapeutic horseback riding, but are having trouble imagining how horses will contribute to therapy simply by 'being there'.

So, here is an idea, which originated from an old-time client of ours:

"Hi there,

Just finished a great demo, using your cards, and felt like I just have to share with you what I did:

It was a family, the mother called and she wanted to bring her family for treatment i the arena. She heard from a friend about our program working with horses from the ground but could not understand why we need to use the horses and how they can help and support the process.

So - I immediatly shared with her the online cards and asked her to choose two cards: one that can describe the family today and one that looks like the family she imagines they will become after treatment.

It took about 10 minutes until an "A-HA" moment came and a few more seconds for her to say - "Great horses! Can you bring the horses on the cards to our meeting in the arena?"

So now I have to ask you to ship the horses to me, express mail plz! Ha Ha! :)"

Thanx Jane for sharing your idea! Hope you'll have fun with this family!

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