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How to coach for job searching?

After our previous post, on job searching during COVID-19, we got several questions asking "how to use the cards when coaching clients to find their next job?"

here are some examples:

  • Choose five cards, each card will represent a theme, value or quality that best  represent your future workplace.

  • Choose three cards that can describe your qualities as a professional.

  • Choose two cards that can describe your "blocks" when searching for a job.

  • Choose two cards that can describe qualities and personal resources that you have regarding the challenge of job searching

  • Choose cards that can describe you in the situation of job searching. For example: emotions, thoughts, etc.

  • Choose cards that can describe success regarding this challenge of job searching.

  • Choose a card that can describe what you think you should do regarding this mission of job searching.

  • Choose the card that describes the most challenging thing for you while you are searching for your next job

  • Choose cards that represent where you want to be as a professional in three years.

Let us know how it works!

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