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When the cards choose the client

It was during the third meeting with an adolescent girl: in the previous meetings we used the cards by looking at the photos and discussing her complicated relationship with her mother. It seemed like she was investing a lot of effort into choosing the cards, as if she had a story in her mind that she was trying to tell through the "perfect" card. At this point, since I felt a bit stuck, I decided to suggest to her that this time we would allow the cards to choose her. She agreed and blindly chose a card. The card had a picture of a horse standing alone and at a distance a group of horses standing together. Suddenly she got quiet, at one point I saw a tear drop. A few minutes later, she started explaining her empathy to the single horse due to his loneliness. "Look how miserable he looks ", she said. 

Later on she was able to talk about how lonely she feels at home, amongst her family, in school, and in other aspects of her life. She cried a lot. I thought to myself how important it is to, sometimes, let the cards choose the client in order to allow him/her to release the theme they may be embedded within. This time, the cards helped the client to move from an angry position to a painful one.

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